Dr. Dre Was Cuffed By Cops After He Was Racially Abused (VIDEO)

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Dr Dre
Dr Dre

Dr. Dre, real name- Andre Young was cuffed by a group of Malibu cops after he was allegedly racially abused by a ranting motorist—just in front of his beachfront mansion.
According to TMZ, the music mogul had a run in with the driver blocking the driveway to his mansion in Malibu—and the man ‘cussed at him’ before moving his vehicle to let him access his driveway.
Since the driver wouldn’t stop ‘yelling’ at Dre, he pulled out his phone to capture the incident.
Interesting, this same abusive motorist craftily called 911 reporting that someone pulled a gun on him—following which cops showed up and patted down and cuffed Dre.
Officers found no weapon on Dr. Dre and couldn’t hold him for anything, but TMZ says the other driver involved wanted to file a complaint and filled out an incident report.
Dr Dre1
Check out the video below…

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