HILARIOUS: Frustrated Dad Agrees To Let His Children Have A Dog ONLY If They Sign A Contract – Read The Funny Details

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Children can be pretty grueling sometimes. When they get something into their heads, they would fight tooth and nail to get it, playing all sorts of ‘tricks’ on their parents.
Some parents relent, others don’t – whilst others let the kids sign a contract before they get what they want.
A US dad is making waves after he shared the ludicrous details of a contract he let his children sign before he would get them a dog.
John Stone was being bothered to death by his three children that they wanted a dog. So whilst he finally agreed, he laid out a contract of their roles and responsibilities in caring for the dog if it eventually arrives.
Stones, for instance, wants to have nothing to do with the dog’s feaces, so that was the first condition. ‘Dad never has to pick up poop, ever.’ is the first commandment.
He lists several other conditions for the kids, (10, 11, and 13 years) who gleefully sign.
So he got them the dog, and everything has been going smoothly ever since.
Check out the terms and conditions of Daddy’s dog deal.


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