When You Are Torn Between A Rock And A Hard Place: A Man Saves His Mother In A Flood Only To Lose His Nuclear Family Afterwards

1a5 (2)_optThis question has playfully been asked about severally— “If you see your mother and wife or partner drowning,whom are you going to save?.” Often times we have passed quite a handful of silly comments about it and no sort of seriousness to my immediate knowledge has ever been ascribed to it. The daunting question however is if truly you are faced with such a soul wrenching situation, what really are you going to do?. Save your mother and watch your family wither away with each passing tick or watch the very woman who gave you die slowly— I cannot begin to imagine what to do if held up to make such a decision.
A man trapped in devastating floods was forced to make a split second decision – whether to save his wife, 2 kids and sick father or his mum who lived across town as torrential rains swept through China.
Gao Fengshou, 39, knew that a serious storm was on its way to Daxian Village, in Xingtai City of North China’s Hebei Province. Even though his family members stayed up worrying about the storm, he made no plans to do anything and instead went to sleep.
The floods started coming in, his wife, 30 year old Zhang Xiaoyan, woke him up to tell him that the house was been flooded, rather than save his wife, 2 children and sick father, the man made the choice to dash across town to save his mother whose old family home was already waist-deep in water and abandoned his wife, kids and his father to their fate.
After he rescued his mother, he found that he could not return to his home as the floodwaters were already up to his chest.
After waiting several hours for the water to recede, he rushed back to his house and was relieved to find Zhang, the kids, aged four and two, and his dad huddled on the roof of the house.His wife understandably dumped him and he’s now begging her to forgive him.
The Daxian village was almost completely wiped out by the flood. At least 112 people died in that flood and 91 others have gone missing .
Would you have done same if you were in this man’s unfitted shoes and if you were the wife would you have done same or understood that a man got to do what he got to do?.
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