God Doesn't Create Cripples, Mothers Give Birth To Them – Bibi Bright

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Bibi Bright
Actress Bibi Bright says God is not responsible for all the people in the world born with horrible birth defects, saying those were simply born.
The actress, in an appearance on the Delay Show, said that God cannot create imperfect beings, therefore people with defects like blindness, cannot be pawned off on him, since such things occur due to mistakes in humans.
Bibi, recently involved in some controversies over her public dressing, said the only people created by God are the proverbial Adam and Eve. The rest of us were simply born, manufactured goods, as it were.
“God didn’t create us, those people he created were Adam and Eve and after that they gave birth to us, so we’re no more God’s creation but manufactured goods” she said.
“When I see a disabled person and people say ‘God created him this way’ [that’s wrong]. God didn’t create him with that condition, his mother gave birth to him [with the condition].”
The reasoning here is that God is perfect, so nothing imperfect can come from him. By that logic I doubt he created the earth as well, considering how imperfect it is with all those volcanoes and tsunamis and earthquakes just lying in wake to kill us all. I doubt those have MOTHERS.
Listen to her below…

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