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Love Has No Definition After All : 18 Year Old Cancer Patient Marries High School Sweetheart At The Hospital

1a4 (3)_optEvidently it is the dream of almost all females to find love and keep it for all eternity. Irrespective of how much we would want to delude ourselves ,we all need a partner of a sort at a point in our lives— if not for anything at all that one person that makes us feel that sense of belonging.
Ultimately, only but a few women would not want to walk down the aisle or have that most talked about wedding, we all want the glamour and the unapologetic splurge of money on what to us may fall in the criteria of a dream wedding.
What can even beat the gleeful smile on one’s face as they walk down the aisle with their future smiling at them— the people who come from far and near to grace such ceremony in itself is consolation enough.
But what do you do when the man or woman you love endlessly is bedridden, practically battling with  death and life in a hospital pops the million dollar question. Is your answer going to be in the affirmative or otherwise knowing very well your future is not even guaranteed?.
When 18 years old Swift Myers, who’s battling bone cancer, woke up after almost 11 days in an induced coma, he knew exactly what he wanted to do next: marry his girlfriend of almost two years, Abbi and he didn’t have to think twice about it.
Swift has been battling Ewing’s sarcoma cancer for the past 7 years and has beaten it six times. However, it came back for a seventh time, sending Swift to the intensive care unit at Saint Francis Children’s Hospital.
Abbi said when Swift proposed she thought it was his typical humorous self putting up a show as he had joked about their marriage almost always. Little did she know reality had just gotten real. With a wedding ring from their high school teacher, Abbi was escorted by her brother as they were joined in holy matrimony before 100 well wishers.
“My dad said that it would be an honour to have him as a son-in-law,” says Abbi. “He’s the love of my life,” she says of her new husband and reports has it that the new wife has since not left her husband’s side.
Since marrying Abbi, Swift has been moved out of the ICU and into a regular oncology room. Swift and Abbi coincidentally met at the same place they wed—They were visiting a mutual friend at the hospital who was battling leukaemia at the time.
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