Doctors Grant Terminally ILL Woman's Dying Wish To Be Reunited With Her Dog For The Last Time

1_optIt is often said that dogs are the most faithful animals one could possibly keep as a pet and this woman battling for her life has made it quite obvious, I personally have this one friend who would choose a dog over any human being because to him a dog is worthier than any human.
After a long battle with the cancer, 49-year-old Rebane Chili, from Brazil, decided to discontinue her treatment. She had however not seen her beloved dog Ritchie after being admitted to the Hospital – Ernesto Dornelles in Porto Alegre and requested to meet with it for one last time.
She was able to convince doctors to organise a final reunion and the meeting took place in a special room due to security reasons. Rebane reportedly changed her clothes and put on lipstick for her reunion with Ritchie.
Her son James went to pick the dog up and when it saw its owner, the overjoyed dog leaped on her. Wearing an oxygen mask, she stroked her beloved pet who appeared determined to stay by her side during the farewell meeting. Barbara Heck, a group psychologist at the hospice hospital, said the medical team noticed a big change in their patient’s mood during the reunion.


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