He's Still Talking About This? Watch KKD Reveal How KOD Begged Him Not To Mention His Presence At The African Regent Hotel During The Night Of The 'Rape' + More


For normal human beings, the sting of shame is usually something that we ran away from, not gladly towards.
KKD was accused of rape by a 19 year old, a near 50 year old man, with kids older than that, involved in this compromising situation. Yet  it seems that because he beat the rape charge, we’ve all gone back to pretending nothing untoward was going on that night, and KKD back to being celebrated as some sort of hero.
Instead of hiding in obscurity, the media is his backyard.
Speaking on Delay, KKD revisited the saga that brought him grief, notoriety and unfettered media coverage for months. He interestingly, got into the involvement of his friend, KOD.
According to him, KOD literally got on his knees to beg him to keep his presennce with him on the night of the alleged rape mum. KOD, it seems, was really worried about the exposure.
KKD added that KOD specifically told him that some people were plotting against him, indicating the entire rape case was a plot (so they presumably forced him to corner a 19 year old girl in a hotel bathroom.)
He spoke at length on several other issues concerning the saga, with Delay as usual prodding for more info. Watch him below…


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