Bishop Charles Agyin Asare: 'A Sexually Satisfied Man is a Good Provider'

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare
Bishop Charles Agyin Asare

Is your man sexually satisfied? Because according to Bishop Agyin Asare of Perez Chapel International, a sexually satisfied man is a good provider.
Speaking to his congregation about marriage and sex on Sunday, 7 August at Dzorwulu in Accra, Agyin Asare is reported to have said: “there are times women don’t understand that a sexually satisfied man is usually a good provider. There are times women don’t understand that. I want to give it to you again that: ‘A sexually satisfied man/husband is usually a good provider’ because he will provide for his wife and try to please her out of appreciation, not out of obligation and what happens is that he becomes less tempted to lust after other women because his thoughts are always filled with her.”
He said Science has even proven that, “Men are aggressors, even in a love relationship, men are aggressors and that is why, my brother, you should take the initiative [to proposition a woman] because men desire to conquer and subdue, they desire to succeed and prosper. In fact, it has been proven that highly aggressive men have stronger sex drive.”
And that naturally, men are born to conquer. “Men are born natural conquerors and that is why a lot of the times, it is men who go to battle. If it were left to women alone, there would not be any war because women are peace-makers,” he added.


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