Akosua Abebrese Writes: Distasteful Shatta Mitchy—Her Big Mouth Husband Couldn’t Call Her to Order?

Shatta Michy
We have a lot of Kim Kardashian wannabes in Ghana—of course without Kim K’s connections and enviable financial cushion.
In the last few years, we’ve seen the queen of contemporary showbiz-nudity being paid huge amount of money to show the world her bare butt and front or to break the internet.
No matter how distasteful, disgusting or repugnant any of the many Kim Kardashian’s nude and semi-nude photos have been, we cannot take away the fact that she always receive more than a reasonable compensation for the disgrace she is pilling up for her off-springs.
With Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame having been on the back of a lousy amateur home made porn, nude photos are even holdbacks of how far she can go to seek public attention. And to be frank, no one really gets shocked when another Kim K’s bare butt hits the internet, her husband-Kanye West is even indifferent about this.
I am a libertarian—yet I find the circulating bare butt photo of Shatta Wale’s wife-Shatta Michy (above) offensively distasteful.
The fact that her husband who’s not necessary a moral or decency crusader but has a lot to say about everything could watch on for her to objectify herself this way on the internet is pretty shocking.
For what good is it for a married woman, with a child to posed in such a racy manner and proudly showcase it online—when she is not receiving a dime for the self contempt?
I don’t care about what any adult woman decides to do with her body and this is because, I believe every adult woman would be reasonable enough to operate within the borders of sanity and dignity, such that without any substantial reward, she wouldn’t cheaply become the next internet porn star.
When I first saw Shatta Michy on the floor with her butt in the air, I asked; what’s this for?
There’s a big industry out there for women who like to take their clothes off and they get paid for being daring, somewhat stupid. And even if you detest those who do this, the sort of compensation they receive maybe able to persuade you to understand the business side of their absurd liberalism.
However, Shatta Michy was not paid for that disgusting pose and self inflicted “disgrace.” I am yet to meet anyone who is feeling the photo, so once again, what was that for?
It’s only deranged people who will without any cause or push strip off their clothes, and excitedly erect their butts—pay photographers to take close shots of their assets for free online dissemination.
The photo is disgusting and the act is repulsive.
Imagine what big-mouth Shatta Wale would have said if Samna’s girlfriend or wife with whom he has a kid did this?
Yet, just in front of his quarters, his lovely wife and mother of his child is stripping, pro bono, and he hasn’t got a word to throw out there on twitter.
There’s a thin line between being daring and stupid…
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  1. Exactly..this has got nun to do wiv u for the fact that she feels comfy in her own skin is nun of our business..I ddn lyk the pik either buh who r u to JUDGE..mek sure ur hands are clean woman bfr sticking them at others…