PYPER-PEBBLES WRITES: No Sex Until Marriage; Now Let’s Get Ourselves A “New” Car Without Test Driving

love and relationshipMany will argue that sex is definitely not a major factor in any serious relationship. I can bet my two cents that it keeps the relationship moving. I understand how you’re supposed to love someone for who they are and not what you can gain from that relationship, but I can’t see how any serious relationship will thrive without any lovemaking.
The “no sex until marriage” hogwash is a deal breaker for me. It totally turns me off. I wouldn’t want anyone to pull any KKD antics on me and live in rue forever. I’ll run as fast as I possibly can and never look back.
Imagine my surprise and horror when a guy I was dating told me he has decided to abstain from sex until he gets married. For starters, he’s no virgin and we’ve obviously had our time together.
I can’t see myself in ANY relationship without getting down and dirty with my partner. I am not obsessed with sex but it matters to me. What changed for you to take this holier than thou decision thinking I would and should be okay with it.
I can’t fault you if you decide to abstain from sex from the beginning of the relationship and wait until you get married. That is totally your decision and thank Heavens if get yourself a partner to agree to those terms.
I am not talking about a partner who would agree to hold off sex until marriage yet would be sleeping with everything in skirt out there. In the end you’ll end up with a sexually transmitted disease you didn’t bargain for.
Sex in itself has become cheap and we can get it from varying source and at relatively low costs (yes! You know exactly what I am talking about). For others, it is being thrown at them every time of everyday.
Once you decide to tow down this lane, it should be a decision both of you make and comfortable with and strong enough to see it through.
The thing is why would any human being be this inconsiderate and shamelessly wicked—why give me the pleasure of this indescribable erotic delicacy and wait for me to be soaked up only to tell me the floodgates to your eternal joystick has been shut. And I am supposed to throw a party and invite friends, perhaps send you a congratulatory card for discovering that unique side of yourself.
HELL NO!! My dear, if we are going to sing such an unwarranted dirge in our sexual life, then we might as well not engage in it right from the word go.
Personally, I can’t see myself in any absurd relationship clad as a no sex until marriage union. Not for all the gold in South Africa.
No sex until marriage huh?—cool, sex is just a call away so “don’t think far”, just continue pursuing that career.


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