Boy Fills Stadium With 10,500 Teddy Bears In Honour Of 15 year Old Disabled Friend Who Died

00_optHow far have you gone or willing to go for that one friend that you claim to have unflinching support and unconditional love for?. Even as they are alive , what have you done to define whatever you share let alone when they are dead and no more. Will you just like any other person cry your eyes out and sing along dirges with the grieving and just at the wake of the sun forget them like they never existed or you would do something commemorable to keep their death alive.
Of course life should go on but if such a question is put before you—what would be your answer?.
A 14 years old boy has done the unthinkable for a friend who died to years ago by filling a stadium with teddy bears, just imagine how tiring this could be.
A 14 year old boy, Aidan Jackson, from Widnes has filled a sports stadium with 10,500 teddy bears in honour of his 15-year-old disabled friend who died. Aidan made it his mission to fill the Select Stadium in Cheshire, England with the toys to raise money for the Olivia Alice Foundation – named in honour of Olivia Walker, his friend who died two years ago.
It took him eight hours from 9am to 3pm to sit every bear he had collected from well-wishers on as many seats as he could fill.
Aidan said:
“My sister was in China at the time and she was telling people about the project. Her professor told everyone to buy teddies.” According to Aidan, Olivia who was a pupil at Bluebell Park in Kirkby, loved stuffed animals and would have enjoyed seeing them all in the stadium.
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