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The "What Are We" Question AKA The Most Terrifying Question Walking On This Earth

rsz_couple-532015_640_opt“WHAT ARE WE”…? It is surprising that this question is still asked, given the conditions of today’s “hookup” culture. If you are a guy and this rhetoric but self suicidal question has not yet hit your notes then brace yourself because you will be pitching some cacophonous sound on this subject sometime soon. And if you are a lady and this slimy words has still not found the means to slip through your mouth, be patient for it definitely would pass through or cross your mind someday.
If you’re in that awkward more-than-friends-but-less-than-dating stage and have not yet established any sort of relationship, you’re only human if you find yourself worrying, wondering, and talking to your girlfriends about it until they too can no longer take it.
But this very question abruptly gets me malnourished and I have had reasonable counts of such, irresistibly slamming my doors needing an answer—just imagine how lanky I would grow if I do not get away from people who emit all these toxic.
This is something a lot of Ghanaians are being served with and the sad part is it comes off as a life sentence for what you say would determine the fate of whatever you have cladded in the name of a relationship.
Similarly it is just like the “you have the right to remain silent for anything you say would be used against you in the court of law” sentence an officer spew before an arrest is made—the only difference is the former is only birthed almost always after sex comes into the equation.
It is not every man who would act the odds after he’s had his way with you but the typical would be laid back. He won’t be the calm,loving and warm person who wasn’t giving you a breathe in the day again. We have had far too many of such cases where a lady sobs to sleep just because “he changed after sex”. As one shameless friend of mine would put, who campaigns after elections, the walls of Jericho has not only been brought down ,its foundation has been uprooted so the urge to push has recoiled.
So after a satisfying hot bang, he or she comes to you a day or two and drops this bombshell on you, perhaps there has been inconsistency in your chats and she feels you are only acting up because you’ve had your way with her.
You and the partner you’re dating may have an implicit understanding: to enjoy each other when and how you like, for as long as it suits you both. For them to suddenly pop the “what are we?” question seems unfair—as it puts you on the spot.
The sad part is once you ask this question you inadvertently make yourself prone to be lied to. How many would be willing to put the truth right in your face and stand the chance of losing you?.
Supposing we had one explosive sex where I literally cried because of the too much sweetness being treated to my down there, in fact you took me to the moon and back and made me experience the infamous heaven right here on earth—do you really think I would be willing to throw that to the dogs just because you decided to allow yourself for stupidity to use you?
And even if you had been scruffy under the sheets, practically serving my sweet pot with your legs instead of your joy stick, I would come out to tell how much of a walking vegetable you are?. Hell no!! I wouldn’t dare do that.
Yes the sex was spellbinding but that is all that we are and can ever be. We are not in love, we just had a simple unadulterated sex so don’t come to me asking me this question when you are not even ready for the answer please. You better not lie with this though because it would come back to bite you in the ass.
“What are we”—like is that a serious question?  Because the plausible answer is “what do you think we are”. We are nothing, you are my special friend and I am just so glad you came along at the time that we both had our libidos on the rise. We definitely are two people living under the most horniest generation ever. THANK YOU!!.


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