Only 4 of Us Know What Actually Killed President Mills And Mahama is Innocent–Allotey Jacobs


President Mills
President Mills

With the resurrection of the question; what killed Ghana’s former President John Evans Atta Mills–NDC’s Central Regional Chairman, Mr Allotey Jacobs has commented, saying, President Mahama is innocent contrary to finger pointing directed at him from a group of people.
The sudden death of President Mills is regarded mysterious by some of his family members and Ghanaians at large.
The NPP has over the years mounted pressure on government to make public the cause of President Mills’ death after alleging he was killed – but government has been adamant to publish the cause of the late president’s death till now.
As a result, people continue to throw stones at the government as having a hand in Mills’ death and over the weekend, posters asking “Who Killed Atta Mills” were mounted by unknown people in Cape Coast where the NDC held its campaign launch.
Commenting on the issue, Allotey Jacobs said on NeatFM that only he (Allotey) together with three others have first-hand information about what actually led to the death of the former president.
He said: “Let me confirm this, we are just four people who knows about Professor Mills sickness. His two siblings [Dr Cadman Atta Mills and Sammy Atta Mills], myself, and his long time bodyguard, Mr ASP Adadei. Prof Mills was dear to our hearts, he shared his frustration, sickness and development with us [the four]”
“We knew the man very well and he knew us. Prof Mills once visited me at in apartment late-night when I was sick, we cried and we prayed together. People don’t know about this so they just get up and malign innocent people in this country,” he added.
“…What at all has President Mahama done? What sin has he committed? Just because God as anointed him to be president?” he quizzed
He continued: “Those doing that are just hurting the family [Mills family]. The man is dead and gone. Curse will be upon those behind this [he accused the NPP]. Death will run through their camp.”


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