6 Typical People You would Find At Every Waakye Joint: If You Have Not Met Any Of Them, Change Where You Buy Your Waakye

blogger-image-2008822584_optYou need to join Montie 3 for a prison vacation if you have not yet tasted waakye or you have still not treated yourself to waakye in the mornings. Your nationality as a Ghanaian needs an in depth questioning. In fact you should be charged or fined for committing such a heinous crime—you should only be pardoned if and only if you are allergic to the said meal, and even that how can anyone be allergic to WAAKYE. It is like saying you are allergic to air.
I mean waakye is Ghana’s official breakfast ( it is written somewhere in the Constitution). Why upset your stomach with these hausa koko, tea,cornflakes and whichever thing that is family on the breakfast menu when you can have a relishing encounter with a well balanced diet?.
What would even beat the feeling you get when you open your leaf of waakye and see how decorative, saliva dropping and inviting it is. The gari covering it like a bride’s veil, with the salad giving it a sense of colour, shito and stew roughly splashed with the wele, fish and egg climaxing the whole meal. Trust me, you wouldn’t trade waakye for anything in the world not even for a hot bang.
The problem however comes with buying this delicacy with its associated drama. Unless the place you get served with this meal isn’t popular, even that you seldom meet no one at the joint. A waakye joint is almost always graced with people from all walks of life and these people are the most funny, dramatic,annoying and everything people you can ever meet on this earth.
Now take a moment to read what follows to find out if you’ve encounter such persons at any waakye joint.

Miss Anita-Pyper Agyei, Senior Reporter
Ms Pyper Pebbles is a senior reporter at GhanaCelebrities.Com . She holds a Diploma in Communications from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, and she is based in Accra, Ghana. You can reach her via [email protected]