Daddy Lumba Is Very Greedy; He Pocketed GHȻ 340,000 Album Launch Proceeds — Great Ampong (Video)

Daddy Lumba and Great Ampong

I love me some Daddy Lumba. I really really do, but this decades-old allegations from old pals and former collaborators that he is greedy is very bad for his image. Nana Acheampong complained — throwing shades through his music. There were also rumours that Ofori Amponsah and Lumba feuded at one point cos he felt the latter was cheating him.
Now the latest name to accuse the “Sika Asem” singer of being greedy and a big cheat, is Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong aka Great Ampong. According to the gospel musician, he is yet to receive a pesewa from the whopping 340,000 cedis album launch proceeds as Lumba has pocketed all for himself.
“We did the launching in November but I haven’t received any money yet,” Ampong complained bitterly in an interview with Ama Serwaa Boateng on ATV’s Angels Corner program.
“After the launch he did not render any account to me or given me my share of the raised sum. We made GHȻ200,000 in cash at the launch and made GHȻ140,000 from the over twenty thousand copies of CDs sold. So sit at your homes and calculate for yourselves. And I still don’t know if he’s bring my share today or tomorrow, ” he added.
Ampong also alleged that right before the launch has ended, he was told that Lumba has stashed all the money inside “Ghana Must Go” sack then took it home. And when he confronted about his share of the money, Lumba told him he has not spent any money from the proceeds — and even cursed himself, saying God should kill him if he has.
Watch the shocking video below…


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