US Pastor-Tony Perkins Who Once Said Floods Are God's Punishment Flees Flooded Home in Louisiana

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Tony Perkins
Karma is a damn b*tch and it’s so true.
US pastor Tony Perkins, who believes and once said natural disasters are sent by God to punish gay people,has had his home flooded in Louisiana and he has fled the place.
In 2015 Perkins caused controversy when he agreed with a statement that natural disasters are sent by God as punishment for abortion and gay marriage.
Just a year after this, Mr Perkins has revealed that he was forced to escape his property in a canoe with his family.
He shared photos on Facebook and discussed his experience in a podcast.
“This is a flood of near-biblical proportions,” he said in an interview with the Family Research Council.
“We had to escape from our home Saturday by canoe. We had about 10 feet of water at the end of our driveway. Our house flooded, a few of our cars flooded.”

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