Egyptian TV Anchors Told To Slim Down Or Face Losing Their Jobs | 8 Reportedly Suspended For One Month

zgfgfgfgs_optNow it looks like having more flesh than “necessary” comes with other alternating problems aside the health problems one is likely to encounter.
Egyptian state television has given its anchors three months to slim down as part of a plan aimed at improving the broadcaster’s “sagging” image, an official said in remarks published on Thursday.
“Around 90% of male and female television presenters are overweight. They have been given a three-month period to diet, starting from July,” Head of the television’s Regional Sector, Hani Gaafar, said. He added that a committee would later evaluate the anchors in terms of weight, clothing and erudition.
“Anyone found unfit will be transferred to another work unrelated to presentation,” Gaafar said.
Khadija Khattab, one of the eight reportedly suspended anchorwomen, said she had not been formally informed of the decision.
“I think my appearance looks like that of any ordinary Egyptian woman. My shape is not repugnant at all. I should not look like a model. Khatab expressed dismay at media calling the eight “fat” and “obese.” Using inappropriate words in referring to Egyptian presenters is an unacceptable insult,” she said.


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