It Could All Be A Big Miracle Set Up: Family Source Says the Girl Bishop Obinim Flogged is Called Justina Nhyiraba Gyasiwa & She is 19 Years Old + He's Not Sure She is Indeed Pregnant

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Bishop Daniel Obinim
Bishop Daniel Obinim

Running a church is not an easy task in contemporary Ghana, especially if you need your credulous members glued and new ones flooding in daily.
Therefore, founders and leaders like Angel Daniel Bishop Obinim heavily rely on PR gimmicks–mostly ridiculously insane but somewhat believable by some bunch to keep their business and cash flowing.
We’ve seen Obinim play to many con balls such that we cannot spare him the doubt on the veracity of his methods and miracles–which the flogging of two of his church members following a claim of pregnancy revelation could just perfectly be his latest con work.
Since the flogging video emerged online, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been speaking to our sources to find what we could make of the whole conversation and we’ve been told that, the girl Obinim whipped in front of the congregation is called Justina Nhyiraba Gyasiwa.
A family source told us that: “she is 19 years old and only moved to Accra in 2013 from Western region, she has lived with Obinim for only 2 years.”
The source added, “Justina is my mother’s junior sister” and “the old woman that spoke on Joy News is my granny.”
“Bishop Obinim does not take care of my granny as some people are speculation, she lives with my Uncle around Madina, he takes care of her,” the source said.
According to the source, he is not even sure that Justina Nhyiraba Gyasiwa is really pregnant as Obinim claims.
It’s plausible the girl we all saw in the video (below) being whipped is 19 years, and not 14 years as Obinim claims—which means, it could be that she is not even pregnant but the whole situation was a miracle set up gone wrong.

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