WTF: Can Anyone Do the Maths–Victim Of Obinim's Whipping's Mother is 72 Years & Her Son is 16 So She Gave Birth to Him At 56

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Akua Bempomaa
Akua Bempomaa

The Obinim’s flogging of two church members in sane and pathetic–but not as depressing as what the mother of the boy who was flogged has come out to say.
Per our earlier reports:

Shockingly, the mother of the young man who was flogged by Bishop Daniel Obinim at his church has stated that she will invoke curses on those calling for the pastor’s arrest.
Akua Bempomaa spoke to Joy News and said what Bishop did was in the right direction.
‘If Ghanaians do not stop condemning the pastor for correcting the children I will begin to invoke curses on them,’ the 72-year-old woman threatened.
Not just that,  Akua Bempomaa said she was very excited to watch ‘Angel Obinim’ discipline her son.
“He is our father, he has been taking care of me and my son since my husband died. He is the one paying my son’s school fees and has the right to discipline him when he goes wrong,” Lady Joy indicated in Twi.
Now, this is where poverty is talking—she said:
“When my husband died and we needed help, no Ghanaian intervened, not even my family. Angel Obinim took u in and enrolled my son in school so they should leave the ‘angel’ alone.”
She added: “Papa should have beaten her more. Imagine what would have happened if the prophecy had not come and she drunk the medicine to abort the baby.”
Of course, an illegality does not suddenly become legal because a mother or father sanctions it.

Here is the interesting bit pointed to us by one of GhanaCelebrities.Com’s readers-Adonis III;
Obimin has stated on multiple platforms in interviews that the boy he whipped was only 16 years, a contributing factor as to why he flogged him for getting a girl he claims is also 14 years pregnant.
Now, Joy News that spoke to the mother mentioned that the mother of the boy is 72–we believe Joy obtained her age from her during the interview and from her picture surely looks like someone in her 70s.
So the maths is this, if the mother is 72 and the boy is 16, it means she gave birth to the boy when she was 56–that’s highly improbable.
Once again, it does look like the man of God is lying to us.

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