Y3wo Krom Hitmaker-Atom Claims Apple Paid Him Something Within the Range of 20K to 50K Dollars for Playing His Music At Their Conference–And He Must Have Used That Money to Buy A New Range Rover

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A few months ago, Atom’s hit song-‘Y3wo Krom’ was played at the Developer Conference of tech giant-Apple and apart from the fact that this got a lot of people talking about him, he says he has been paid by Apple for using his song.
Atom said on Pluzz Fm that: “After they played the record at the conference, my team and our lawyer contacted Apple and we got between $20,000 to $50,000. We did it in a cool way, if we went hard we could have made more.”
That’s a lot of money–if indeed what he is saying is true.
Meanwhile, Atom has been photographed as the owner of a new Range Rover, bearing the plate-Atom 16-16.
Perhaps, he used the money to acquire a car.

Comfort Asante, GC Staff Writer
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