Kim Kardashian Fakes Out Fans And Paparazzi With Look-Alike

Screenshot_20160822-004117_optIt is either people find delight in seeing what is not there or they are dealing with one heck of an optical issue because that is the only way to explain this situation. And this in my opinion is perhaps the most irrelevant and risible thing to ever come from the Kim K camp.
So the mother of two and business entrepreneur is still vacationing in Mexico and being Kim comes with a lot of paparazzi’s wanting to have a shot of her whichever and however means. Kim obviously tired of all the attention decided to give a “look alike” of herself for the paparazzi’s and fans to feed on and have some privacy and enjoy some peace.
How this worked out I still cannot understand because the said look alike in no way looks like Kim. I mean Kim has this infamous beautiful behind with this enviable flat tummy unlike this lady who is fatter than her.
On the whole I guess it was a win-win situation as the lady got to live the life of Kim for a couple of hours and Kim rid off fans for a while. 15 minutes of fame at the back of being Kim do not come everyday.


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