PHOTO: Indian Politician Carried By Police Officials Through Flood Water That Has Killed Hundreds Nationwide

A narcissistic politician exists somewhere in the world – big surprise. I’m pretty sure Oko Vanderpuye would be very proud of this guy.
Indian politician Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh state, is making waves online after he was photographed being carried by officials through flood waters.
Floods have been causing havoc all across the country with the arrival of the moonsoon season, with hundreds killed nationwide – fifteen in his region of Madhya Pradesh – whilst countless others have lost home and properties.
Chouhan, who was on his way to meet constituents who have been affected by the floods, didn’t think it would be appropriate for them to see him muddy, having trudged through the flood waters, at least showing that he has experienced a little of what they have. Instead, he thought he has to look spotless in his all white attire.
After some mocking online, this is the defence a fellow government official gave – this makes it even worse.
“Nobody knew if the water level would rise suddenly or if the ground below was slippery,” SK Mishra told AFP.
“There was also the danger of a snake or scorpion bite. He was desperate to meet the flood-affected people and the security guys could not have taken any chance.”
Good thing all the citizens have such luxurious protections.


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