PYPER PEBBLES WRITES: Chalewote Art Festival Redefined l A Stage To Exhibit Apparels, Phones And Of Course Boo's And Bae's

Ghanacelebrities.comNo one else defines art aside its maker— I was only trying to actively partake in Chalewote when I placed the empty brukina bottle in the middle of the street.
I am not towing the lanes of the deranged dear reader but yes the plausible is I wanted people to come grace my “piece”. It however would be delusional of me to expect anyone to hover around such a thing for a selfie.
The truth is I had tire my poor heavy legs with too much to and fro, my voice was disturbingly giving me the low battery signal and Christ! my shoulders and hands were literally whimpered with all the hand raising and unwanted hugs.
For my face it had practically sagged, I was no different from a toothless grandmother awaiting death. But I guess that is what happens when a scruffy done makeup, livid sun and fake smiles threesome’s to give you one pained orgasm.
My poor as a church mouse Ga friend would not treat me to even a stick of the greasy blood grilled chinchinga with at least a bottle of Smirnoff ice so when I landed myself the bottle of the fermented brukina, my eyes shone like the star that led the three wise men to baby Jesus but how I grudgingly opened the bottle to happiness only connoted how famished and needy I was.
Thank heavens the bottle is inanimate, it surely would have given me one hell of a scary shout as I sucked my throat out that there was not a trace or pattern of milk sliding down the bottle— and when I was finally done, there was nowhere to waste the bottle away hence my epic idea to display it as a piece of art.
I couldn’t agree more, what you have read so far is nothing but nonfa so let me just delve into the heart of this article already.
This year’s Chalewote was heralded by the usual hype on social media and all art enthusiasts were obviously counting down to the main event. Though it is a week’s event , much was not seen in the Jamestown community until Saturday when people from all walks of life came to witness this display of artistry and everything in between.
Right from Ussher Fort crowds had already gathered when I got there and the first person my eyes met was Pope Skinny cornered somewhere sipping on red label without attention or whatsoever from the fans, everyone was busily in their own world.
As I strolled farther, the crowd became heavier like a thick gathering cloud that I was forced to cling on to the hem of my friend just to keep up with the thickening participants.
A look at certain people and how much they were dressed said only but one thing. I can bet my last farthing that some people saw Charlewote trending probably on Twitter and decided on making an appearance and definitely not because they knew or loved what they were walking in to.
I mean this is an art festival and a carnival so to say so there was not going to be that Westhills like convivial atmosphere—how anyone would come all heeled up in a throbbing stilettos left much to be desired, I sincerely felt for these girls who thought this was just another Miss Malaika audition or the VGMA’s, their make-ups though. It is as if Coral paint is paying them to advertise the brand.
The Senior High and Junior High School graduates of course brought old school reunion to the Ga community. In their Pappy Kojo and Joey B inspired knee cut skinny jeans and their obese like T shirts, a look at them makes me wonder how they were still walking about that freely looking at how tights these jeans were fitted on them. Some of them would have to destroy the jean before they can come out of it that I know.
Talk about the boyfriend and girlfriend goals— where people twin with their special someone in the same dress, getting all mushy and loved up, swinging their arms with delight and unfettered ecstasy. These are times where you just curse your stars and cupid for being this mean and unfair to you.
How bad does it get, when you bump into that ex who never had the balls to call it quits and just walked away like you never did exist. Well I met a couple of those ones, some I wished I would give them one last shag to remind them of the heaven they lost and well some, I wanted to tell them to their face how much they sucked under the sheets.
What can a girl do than to wear one fake huge smile and pretend all was well, this is Charlewote, certainly not a day to empty the bitterness bottle.
And there was Yvonne Nelson, looking all shades of beautiful and glittery but of course no one due her any attention. Painters were not even given any how much more Yvonne. This is no heels and sneakers premiere so no selfie with the actress. The thing with this festival is, all that we care about is the art,we seldom see the brains behind the display so Yvonne passed through just like I did.
In summary:
A laudable event that had genuine art lovers in the past, this year’s charlewote was more or less like an event to come take all the cool pics and display it on social media. That is the new cool.
Right from the cathedral clinic in the John Evans Attah Mills high street to the lighthouse, everywhere was packed with one mini event or the other. It was simply amazing although it wasn’t a lot different from last year.
One thing I noted this year was, the gadgets came to play with full force. From the sleek smart phones to the tablets and phablets.
Even the drones were not spared. The professional photographers were not out in their numbers perhaps because of the restrictions the organisers out on photography before the start of the event. All the same, I had much fun. The poetry show at Brazil house is something I always look forward to and it wasn’t a disappointment either.
Hopefully, next year’s would open newer pages until then remember it was chalewote but no single soul wore Chalewote—how sad!


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