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PYPER PEBBLES WRITES: Sex On The First Date Does Not Make You Cheap – It Actually Saves Time

jackie-weaver-actress-quote-i-believe-in-sex-on-a-first-date_optSo this is how it normally happens, one innocent friend request might actually land you one steaming bang and at worst a heartbreak or being branded “cheap”.
How is knowing what you want and going against all odds to have it makes one cheap. I mean if you are in dire crave of fufu with palm nut soup, it is only appropriate to have a relishing moment with this said food and having any other meal contrary to your cravings would be sheer callousness to your tasty buds.
I cannot remember the last time I had a traditional proposal from any young lad. With the advent of social media, it almost always starts with a hit on the like button or one lousy phoney comment on a picture and the floodgates of deceit framed in a relationship starts rolling.
You meet a person on social media, get to know each other very well or think you do— talk at length on phone and realise you get along quite well. You get attracted to each other and begin to blind date.
You electronically share so much that it feels like you have been dating each other for years. You think it wise to meet up. You have your first date and actually get to see the person and realise you are both even more attracted to each other.
You make out and it sparks the both of you up to have sex. What in that makes you cheap? Inappropriate maybe but it certainly does not make you cheap
On the first date, the hesitant question that lingers on one’s mind usually is if there is going to be sex at the end of the nonversations.
A typical me will probably naked you in my head, doing crazy but sweet things to you even before our meals or drinks arrive so imagine my disappointment if the ultimate does not happen.
Despite our supposed enlightened attitude towards modern hookup culture, I still cannot comprehend why people attach a shameful stigma to having sex on the first date.
Tell your friend you banged that guy you just met on Facebook and they would be so quick to judge you even without necessarily saying the word, their demeanour after such confessions gives them away.
A lot of people are about pleasing society that they have sacrificed their very own desires to the dogs and living by the so called acceptable standards of society in order to maintain one useless status quo.
Sex whether on the first, twentieth or fortieth date is still sex. There is this really absurd school of thought that if a guy sleeps with you on the first date then he is in the relationship for sex.
Let’s be reasonable and realistic here. Guys are smart– undoubtedly smart. They know perfectly well that this the notion females hold these days. If he is truly in for sex, he won’t let you figure that out easily, he will play smart.
Will you not be a major fool if your boyfriend dates you for two years straight without sex only for him to begin having sex with you the ensuing years and later dump you because he had been in for sex all along but had to first and foremost conquer your thoughts and doubts?
Realise that you have been dating an immature and mentally weak douche bag if he leaves you after sex on the first date. He probably never loved you because love is a big something and perhaps you sucked under the sheets.
Sex on the first date is not going to make him think you are cheap. The reality is it cuts the sexual tension , saves time by not making the both of you waste your time only to find out you are sexually incompatible.
Basically, life is all about decision-making. When you take a decision about something like, this it doesn’t make you cheap. It only shows you know what you want and you stand by it. That doesn’t make you cheap. It rather makes you sexually liberal.
Besides, if sex on the first date makes you cheap then love at first sight makes your heart cheap as well or?.


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