The Vigilant Christian On YouTube Claims Usain Bolt Is A Member Of The Illuminati And He Has Proof

2_optIt is alarming how people find ways to connect all great and successful people to this infamous Illuminati —so people can no longer make it life except they partner or join with this very cult or whatever they call it or what?. I just do not fathom.
A conspiracy theorist who goes by the name The Vigilant Christian on YouTube claims Usain Bolt is an illuminati member and claims he has proof.
He goes ahead to suggest that the sprinter is devil himself saying:
“The guy’s name is Bolt. OK? Lightning bolt. And Jesus said that he saw Satan fall to earth ‘like lightning’. The subliminal messaging is too overwhelming to believe this is all coincidence.”
On his YouTube channel, The Vigilant Christian wrote:
“In this video I point out the Illuminati connection and symbolism of Usain Bolt. The world is a stage and more of it orchestrated than you can imagine.”
Funny how successful people are always linked with one dark society or the other. What cult did they belong to when they were nobodies?


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1 thought on “The Vigilant Christian On YouTube Claims Usain Bolt Is A Member Of The Illuminati And He Has Proof”

  1. This is complete stupidity and foolishness.
    When Usain Bolt was training hard, where was he this aimless pastor? I’m wondering if the role Jesus has given us as his disciples is to discover who is or not an Illuminati?
    I’m wondering why once you’ve gone through and make it, then some people from no where would come and be pulling your name in the mud.
    Moreso, what is this bad rap about Illuminati all the time? We all need to read about the Illuminati society very well before we tag them as a satanic society ( because they are not).


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