BUSTED!! : Pastor Stripped For Owing Akpeteshie Seller

black-pastor1_optSeeing your nude pictures circulating online and this I cannot begin to think which owns the bakery when it comes to embarrassment . I mean being stripped at the back of not just any debt but alcohol simply is not any pleasant thing that could happen to anyone much more a pastor.
For the fear of being judged if we judge our fellow, we are not even going to cast the first stone but a man who deems himself a man of God, propagating the gospel and perhaps stand in the midst of hundreds to preach this very act he shamelessly performs goes beyond pale for me.
Little did residents of Dunkwa Dunkwa Offin in the Central Region know that the pastor uses the little offering he receives after preaching on a drinking spree consuming strong alcohol and smoking cigarettes.
A 39 year old popular Pastor, Prophet Bismarck Anokye aka ‘Bonsam Abodam’ who preaches in big markets in the the region advising people to turn from their bad ways has been stripped by one bar owner for owning him 80 ghc being the cost of akpeteshie drink and cigarettes he had consumed— Bystanders were thrown into a state of utter shock when they got to know that the pastor owed the beer bar operator that much.
After drinking the akpeteshie and smoking cigarettes to the said amount Prophet Bismarck Anokye then stopped visiting the drinking spot and started using another route to and fro his home to avoid being caught.
“Luck however eluded him when the akpeteshie seller spotted him seated at the front position of a commercial vehicle (trotro), at Ayamfuri the woman who would not let the opportunity slip by raised an alarm following which the vehicle was stopped and the ‘man of God’ questioned as reported by Kasapaonline “.
He admitted to owing the woman and begged the latter to allow him some time to pay his debt but the angry woman who had no mercy on him, forcibly took off the pastor’s clothing and footwear to pay up for the cost of the akpteshie and cigarettes.
We understand that your spirit may be willing but your carnal flesh is just weak, after all you are just human but if you are going to join this club, at least do it with a degree of grace and glory.


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