"I Will Do God’s Work Before I Die" – Kwaku Manu

kwaku-manuOnce again I am not here to judge but for someone who claims he will be taking up the gospel come what may before he dies, doing secular music certainly is not the right path. Okay maybe I should get this once and forever—God came for the unrighteous so just like Ofori Amponsah in delusion taking up the mantle of Christ only to make a derision of himself, his will be just as the case.
I mean from the little I know waiting on God means a whole lot and Kwaku Manu could have at least started with being an usher in church or perhaps doing gospel music but then again this is Ghana and we are intrinsically humorous— and this coming from the camp of a comedian adds more meat to the bone.
In a telephone interview with Top FM, the ace actor opined that though he is still waiting for God’s own appointed time for his call, he has an interest in doing the work of God than acting.
“If I should quit acting I will opt for God’s work since that has always been my plan but I’m still waiting for God’s call. I will do the work of God before I die, I have an affirmation with God.”
Kwaku strongly believes that the fame he has earned as an actor solely depends on the talent his creature (God) has endowed him, stressing that if he does not serve God, that fame will be a waste.
“If I will be popular and die without knowing God or will lose heaven, then that will be my saddest moment in life. As humans, our end should always justify the purpose for which we were created”.
As my boss would say it, you are insane if you are more concerned with a supposed after life than the literal life you have here on this earth to enjoy. We are all hoping for the very day he dons the holy cassock.


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