Family Feud Brewing Over Final Burial Ground Of Daasebre Gyamenah As Injunction Is Placed On His Funeral

Daasebre Gyamenah
Daasebre Gyamenah

The maternal side of the family of the late highlife singer Daasebre Gyamenah have placed an injunction on the impending funeral of the singer, which had been slated for October 14.
A spokesperson for the side of the family, which hails from Anomabo and claim royal blood, said the singer as a royal has to be buried in his mother’s hometown, and are thus requesting for the body to be released from Koforidua to them for burial at Anomabo.
The singer, who converted to Islam later in life, was initially the subject of disagreements between his family and the Koforiuda Muslim community, but after that dispute was settled and a burial date agreed, his mother’s side are also laying claim to the body.
“We agreed for the one week celebration to be held in Koforidua on condition that his father’s family would allow us to take the body to Anomabo after the one week but they have refused to allow us to take the body from Koforidua and our family tradition demands that if a member of the family dies no matter what or where the person dies, the person must be buried in Anomabo”.¬†Nana Kwaku Appah told Peace Fm.
“Daasebre is a royal from Anomabo so we would never allow him to be buried anywhere else apart from his mother’s home town. So if they don’t release the body to us, we will take it to court. The court is there to settle misunderstandings and issues like this so we have placed court injunction on the funeral for the court to decide who has the right to bury him and where he should be buried” he added.
“We have already placed injunction on it and they have been summoned to court to come and explain. We have finished all arrangement and our Lawyers have served them so we are waiting to meet them at Koforidua High court”.
For their part, his father’s family say Daasebre’s mum died when he was very young, and that he was abandoned by the same people now fighting for his body. They said they are ready to settle the issue in court when called upon.


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