Actor Accuses John Dumelo Of Selling His Brains To Fill His Stomach

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Leo-Mensah-aka-NtoatoaheneDeem it whichever or whatever but one thing we are all certain about is John Dumelo is never going to leave the NDC anytime soon . Not after all the backlash that had been slammed his way.
Talk about the almost ended friendship between himself and our very own sexy Yvonne Nelson to the selfless door to door campaign he is rendering on behalf of the Mahama’s government.
The thing is we have “closed our ears” when it comes to Dumelo and his astute affiliation with the party but it looks like we are not on the same page with Leo Mensah .
Actor and TV presenter, Leo Mensah, has thrown shades at the ‘4play’ actor.
The actor popularly known as Ntoatoahene has described Mr. Dumelo as an individual who has “sold his brains to fill his stomach.”
According to him, he wants the country to develop that’s why he has proclaimed his love for the leading opposition party but not because of cash.
Leo Mensah on his Facebook fan page wrote that:
“A friend told me I am not smart cos John Dumelo joined NDC and he’s driving fresh Land Cruiser, I told him Notorious B.I.G drove better cars than Martin Luther K.J but Martin L.K.J will forever be remembered than B.I.G. It’s about who thinks about the nation and the next generation not those who want to sell their brains to fill their stomachs… #GHANAMUSTWORKAGAIN #ELECTION2016 #IAM4CHANGE #NANAB3BA”

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  1. so what kind of greed will make dumelo join a political party just to loot Ghanaians and on top of that scam women too?I am more than proud of the lady for going forward to the police without feeling intimidated.
    You are a strong powerful woman.

  2. I have lost ALL respect for dumelo after hearing last week of all those loans he took from that lady he was dating for 4 years. EISH what a wicked man! I thought he learnt from the warning Anas gave him. You have a kind hearted lady who wants to help ur sorry a$$ and you treat her like this, you will soon face a proper female beast as ur reward and karma. some of us are praying for good women then you are there taking advantage of them. I am so glad this lady had balls of steel and made dumelo pay back every pesawa thru the police #PrayForDumelo, He is a $crewed up!

  3. The landcruiser V8 you collected from NDC was not enough, u had to go and dupe your own girlfriend too for money. Do you know how much strength must have taken and how fed up this lady must have been to walk into a police station to report your games ? Ah dumelo, sometimes I wonder if ur family advise u or u just do not listen. Julor….

  4. I shy for you dumelo. Hope that your party wins because if they don’t you are FINISHED!!!!
    What your girlfriend did to you will be small, we will take back that V8 and audit every pesewa in you account. am sure some of that money even belong to women no doubt.smh…

  5. And the most shocking part is that John is always calling on God for this and that on his social media. When you were stealing from your own girlfriend because of her generosity did you forgot about God. SMH….God has his hand on women so stop messing with them otherwise you will continue to be disgraced by signing cheques back to them and we will all see the mean person you are. You should have listened to Anas warning.

  6. Have you noticed how he has bee silent since his girlfriend exposed him and the cheque came out for all to see. Kwashia next time too. Its not every woman you play with oo. Some are actually good women so if you mess with them you will only see shame and disgrace.

  7. Greed and money has consumed dumelo to the point where he will even take from a woman? Even NDC V8 landcruiser you took. How could you afford to buy a landcruiser V8 when you are borrowing 40,000Ghc from your girlfriend and disgracefully having to pay her back thru police intervention?
    Now we all know you did not buy that V8 as you have been running your mouth in town saying that you did.
    John you are a stup!d f00l you hear. These days how many women are even caring enough to give and not take? how many stay would stay with that miniature pathetic baby pr!ck we have all heard you carry for 4 and half years only for you to swindle her as ur thank you. Do you know what it takes for a woman to come forward with something like this to the police? IT MEANS SHE WAS JUST FED UP OF YOUR TREATMENT!Fire don burn you dumelo.