Obinim's Aide Replies 'Atheist' And 'Alcoholic' Prof Badu Akosa – Says People Are Being Forced To Obinim Because Politicians Have Messed Up The Country

The battle lines are drawn – the biggest battle of our generation is just getting started. It’s Bishop Daniel Obinim vrs Prof Agyemang Badu Akosa.
Prof Akosa last week wrote a piece on the likely factors that has led to the rise of preachers like Obinim and their ilk, theorising that the rise in poverty and hopelessness have driven people into the hands of the Obinim’s of this world, who are taking advantage of them.
Obinim’s aide, Joseph Osei Brenya, had promised a reply to the piece on behalf of the Bishop, and we have now been blessed with the ‘anointed’ reply from Brenya.
Writing on, Brenya attacked Badu Akosa, describing him as an alcoholic and an atheist for challenging the man of God. His thesis was that rather than Obinim taking advantage of people screwed up by the political system, he was saving them from the harsh effects of it.
He said Prof Akosa, as one of the nation’s leaders, has failed the populace and led to the poverty from which Obinim is rescuing his population.

Professor Akosah contributed his part to this great nation and we acknowledge that. In doing so, it is very much expected of him to also give respect to other people who are also contributing in the spiritual realm. The angle of his article can be likened to a politician who has failed us and is shifting the blame. God asked you to lead us, not all had the opportunity to read the books you did, but you have all failed us hence the masses decision to go back to God to seek wisdom and spiritual influence in their lives. If a leader like you could void personal interest, the masses will not worry the almighty God to change their lives.

There is this misconception in the minds of some Ghanaians and I thought a Professor of your status will not be swimming in the pool of ignorance about the work of Bishop Obinim. People turn to him because the problems you and your group have brought on them can easily be solved through prayers. The sickness doctors cannot cure due to negligence and intellectual lacuna, are treated with prayers.

I think you should rather be thanking Bishop Obinim and other men of God for saving people from the mess you and your group created. As an astute Professor you have had the opportunity of travelling to many countries and you have observed their health delivery system, don’t you feel bad when you come to Ghana to see the system you have created for us as director of Ghana health service?

One thing you must know, Bishop Obinim doesn’t extort money from people as you want the public to believe. I will be happy if you will pay us a visit to understand what goes on in the church before you make conclusions base on lies and hear say. 

Towards the end, the personal attacks then started flowing.

I will not waste much of my time because you are an atheist so the gospel of Jesus Christ is not something you interested in. Maybe your profession as a renowned pathologist has changed your thinking and respect for human beings. At least Bishop Obinim is not an alcoholic and a person who don’t believe in the God that created all of us.

The next time you try to put something on a paper, have it at the back of your mind that we are like you and we have right to religion and association and a Professor like you should know better. You want to talk us into believing in your believes, allow us follow who we want to follow, we don’t just worship Bishop Obinim and other mean of God, but we adore, cherish and rever them.

Check out Brenya’s full piece here…


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