Ayittey Powers Claims Bukom Banku Offered Him $10,000 For Them To Have Gay S*x And He Has The Recordings To Prove It

Ayitey Powers and Banku
Ayitey Powers and Banku

This is getting serious. Ayittey Powers has continued to lob accusations of homos*xuality against his pal Bukom Banku, this time alleging that he offered him $10,000 for gay s*x.
Ayittey Powers, in an interview on Happy Fm last week, said that the undefeated boxer was homos*xual, and had once begged him for s*x.
Elaborating on the allegations in a new interview with, Powers added that Banku once offered him $10,000 to let him chop him down.
“I was at home one Saturday afternoon when I received a message on my phone so I decided to check and realised I had a message saying ‘Powers I love you’ and it surprised me” he said.
He said he knew it was Banku, so he replied asking who it was, and Banku confirmed that it was him.
“He texted back telling me that he wanted to sleep with me and admitted that he was gay insisting he wanted to sleep with me. I intentionally asked him how much he would pay if I agree to sleep with him and he said he will give me$10,000.
“He still kept insisting but I  thought he was joking until later in the conversation that I realised he was getting serious. I asked him if he meant it and he replied in the affirmative saying, he was very serious and it would only be between us, then I started recording the conversation with my phone. He kept begging me telling me I’m handsome so he would love to have sex with me which really shocked me.”
Powers added that he has all the evidence on his phone, and that he would produce everything if Banku dared come out to deny.
“I have all the evidence on my phone and I will release it if he dares me,” he added.
“How can a man wear eyelashes and bleach himself thinking it is normal? He is gay and God will punish him and I say this because I believe in God and Prophet TB Joshua who is my father knows I will never do such a thing in my life”. he emphasised.


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