Lucky Mensah Got A Car And A House In 2012 And Has Now Joined NPP Because He Wanted More And Was Refused – Mzbel Exposes Lucky Mensah Whilst Also Incriminating Her Own Self

Political catfight!!! Mzbel has hit back strongly at Lucky Mensah, who has totally abandoned the NDC, who he campaigned for in 2012, for the opposition NPP.
Clearly not the brightest bulb in the room. In a haste to condemn Lucky Mensah for a slight problem, she has revealed the shadiness that goes on behind the scenes in politicians currying support from celebrities. 
She claims Lucky Mensah got goodies from the NDC in 2012, including a car and a house, for making a song and campaigning for them. According to her, Mensah is now pissed because he’s not getting more goodies, and has therefore decided to join the NPP.
Do you know who recently just came out for the NDC and also did a song for them?? Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah.
This is what Mzbel said in response to Lucky Mensah campaigning against the NDC and calling them ‘career killers’.
“Musicians who say parties have killed their career are the lazy ones, and are not creative and depend on politicians to reward them for endorsing or supporting their party and when these exceptions fail, then they will say the parties have killed their career.” she said.

“We are role models, we should set an example. If you believe in what somebody is doing and you want to support, support freely. If you are rewarded later after your support, fine but if you are not rewarded, you take it in good faith, because whatever you did was for a good cause. But if you demand from politicians and they fail you, then you go on radio, and television to insults and backlash; that is unfortunate.

“Honestly, I was disappointed in Lucky Mensah for saying that the ruling NDC are career killers…Because I know very well that the musician [Lucky Mensah] wanted to perform on the show but they didn’t put you there because; you this same person you are here you are there. Its greed, so if you don’t get to perform on the show and you don’t get what you are expecting, then you say that the NDC are career killers?.
“Meanwhile, in the last election, you got a car and money. You keep asking and the moment you ask and you don’t get, then you go and do something against the party. When you get, you change your mind, when you don’t get, then you say things that are untrue. I respect Lucky Mensah a lot but he is not doing this for the country. He is doing it for his own selfish reason…I am not against his political choice because we all choose based on our choices. So if you [Lucky Mensah] was given the money you want, you would have come out on radio and say things; and even lie…People who do that are are not real and they shouldn’t be taken serious.
“Lucky Mensah did a song for the party and requested for money and a car, and was given,”
In response, Lucky Mensah said what he go was payment from the NDC to buy the rights for his song – payment which he said he didn’t even get in full.

“I sold my ‘Nkratuo’ track to the late David Lamptey and so Mzbel should be well informed before making the unfounded claims against me. I did the song in 2011 and the NDC bought the right in 2012. They promised to reward me after I did ‘Atta Beye’ for them. They promised me a 4×4 car but rather they bought me a Corolla. I was paid for my services. Mzbel should stop spewing lies. If she does not know, she should ask me, I will tell her.” he said.


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  1. Interesting, Jewel Ackah said same Mzbel, be careful of what you getting yourself into, concentrate on your dying career and stop meddling in politics, ask the likes of Nana Ampadu, Maame Dorkono etc etc and stay clear of Ghana politics my dear.


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