John Dumelo Says Politics Has Not Affected His Career Negatively

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John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo has come out to inform the approximately three people in the country who believe that unlike other showbiz personalities who made celebrity endorsements and their careers dipped because of those, his career is just fine.
Speaking to Showbiz, Dumelo said rather than his career stalling, the movie industry has slowed – and his career is doing quite fine.
“This year alone, I have done about seven productions and I did two just last month, it hasn’t affected my career in anyway even though I must admit that the film industry has generally slowed down a bit,” he said.
Dumelo went on to say that the local movie industry has to change tack, as the people look like they like comedy much more.

“It looks like these days, a lot of people want comedy. So I think movie makers should look in that direction and produce more comedy.

“ Also, lot of TV stations are going digital so producers should continue selling their movies online and also consider other marketing opportunities like premiering in other countries to make money,” he added.

When asked whether he thought he was rich or successful, John said such metrics are relative from person to person.

“Rich is relative, somebody would say I am rich but I will say I am very comfortable”

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  1. Why wont you be comfortable if you can swindle a whopping 40,000Ghc from one woman alone until the police come after ur a$$. who knows the other monies you have swindled that we haven’t heard off. Tweaaaa…

  2. There goes john shooting his mouth off again! I have worked on a number of sets with john before and can guarantee that most of the films he claims to have done this year were all shot for free. The producers don’t pay John squat! Right now its more like they are even doing him a favor

  3. Even that 30,000Gh cheque plus the 10,000Gh cash alone you were forced to pay back because u swindled it from ur own girlfriend or whatever is enough to make anyone comfortable for some time so why wont you say you are very comfortable?

  4. All mouth mouth again, am also aware that you act for free a lot because the producers don’t pay you.
    Of course you wont say politics has slowed down your career in any interview becos your big mouth and your massive ego & pride will never let u say that.

  5. If you are very comfortable as you claim how come you haven’t produced any comedy yourself since you seem to have done your own market research? what’s ur excuse for over a decade of being in the industry or u are waiting for a cheque from JM?, since the women are now exposing u and Anas is watching LOL…..

  6. You see why your car was broken into a few months ago? You just LOVE to talk big. Its like some spirit inside you just cant help it…so why wont miscreants rob you ? and I’ve done this and I’ve done that – and I have this and I have that! Your mouth is as big as a septic tank!

    1. And why do u always break ur back trying to defend the indefensible?
      Did you not see he had to sign a cheque of a whopping 30,000Ghc and pay freaking 10,000Ghc cash to a woman he swindled just recently because she reported him to the police? Have you forgotten Anas? Then this same dumelo says he is very comfortable; of course his comfortable if he can swindle like this without a conscience!!!So GERROUT and defend something that makes better sense!!!!

    2. Naa its not jealousy, its common sense backed with evidence. Dumelo’s cheque alone that leaked as payment to the lady plus the police involvement should make you wonder what kind of person would do that to any woman.

    3. This is not even about being male or female, its about being a human being. If dumelo can take such huge money from his own girlfriend of 4 and half years and refuse to pay back until the lady went to the police then what kind of man is dumelo and why are you even defending him? Obviously the lady realized she was being made a f00l off and the talk of marriage was just a lie to gain more of her trust and extort money from her. No woman in a relationship for this long will just walk to the police just like that, she was definitely on to dumelo and his games with her. Didn’t you see the cheque? or you thought the cheque was a breakup present? Which man is f00lish enough to pay for breakup in this world. It was swindle money pure and simple. If dumelo does good we will praise him, but when he swindles women and there is evidence then only a f00l will defend him.

    4. Hey you, don’t do drugs ok LOL.
      It can make you post comments such as this one, defending raw wickedness from dumelo. If someone is generous enough in this hard Ghana to give you 40,000Gh paaa, is this how to treat her? Every man wishes to have a girl supportive and generous and even loyal to a creep like dumelo for 4 and half freaking years eiiii ? Like I will never let that girl go.
      What dumelo did is just wrong on soo many levels.

  7. Dumelo paaaa, you had a girl who was loyal to your undeserving lying a$$ for over 4 years and also very generous and you $crewed with her like this. You will never find a woman like her again. And let me guess I bet she never demanded anything from you innit, it was usually her having ur back right? Ah Ah Ah, When we are looking for good women to marry, people like dumelo are busy breaking their hearts so by the time we meet those women they don’t trust men anymore because of !diots like john. you john u blast pass!!!! Fok!ng boy dumelo.