Japanese Minister Ridiculed After He Visited A Flooded Area And Was Photographed Being Carried On Another Official's Back To Keep Him Dry

What’s up with government officials supposed to check up on people suffering then doing something insensitive that takes away from everything they are supposed to be doing.
An Indian official recently got in trouble for a similar stunt, and now a Japanese minister is also getting ridiculed for trying not to get wet whilst visiting a flood hit area. Like those there have the opportunity to keep themselves from getting wet.
Vice-minister of reconstruction Shunsuke Mutai visited the town of Iwaizumi, which had suffered devastating flooding in the wake of a typhoon, when he pulled off this stunt.
Whilst there, he reportedly forgot to bring his Wellington boots. He was thus carried, piggyback style, on the back of another junior official, an action that has since sparked outrage over its insensitivity.
The reaction forced Mutai to issue an apology later, saying his actions had been ‘inappropriate’, and that he ‘deeply regretted’ them.

This post was published on September 13, 2016 11:53 AM

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