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4 Instances The Ghanaian Man Can Be Painfully Unromantic : When We Ask Them To Watch La Gata, They Tell Us We Are Feeding On Fiction

romantic-awake_1098-109_optSo yesterday I was asking if the much talked about hell is any real because if indeed hell is real, then I can with no iota of doubt say , hell is none other place than Ghana. I possibly cannot be the only one who thinks and sees anything with  red, gold, green and a black star as doom, in whichever package it may be nicely decorated in.
Anything Ghanaian simply is immediately depressing and dating a man who has been conceived in the womb of a Ghanaian woman adds more icing to the cake.
I know people would come out here to say the ladies are far worst and oh you can tag me a one-sided judge but I have more than enough proof to affirm my stance. At least we the woman are feeding ourselves with the many teleonvela’s that are rampantly being served us on minute doses.
In as much as I would love to shovel all the blame in the men bank, I would be a bit reasonable on one basic fact and as much a mistake most of us are unconsciously committing. In recent times, most relationships thrive on what I would call an exchange programme, a typical win-win situation where I give sex and get money or any other valuable in return.
The deal is a rather subtle one— only but a few are blunt enough to say for a fact what their true intentions are and most times we barely notice what we are inadvertently doing until things go sour, then the bean is spilled and things get even uglier.
The thing is why would I want to be the Romeo of our time when we both know we are just enjoying each other under the sheets and nothing more. The very misconstrued cloak a lot of people are flaunting with pride.
Back to the heart of this article, Ghanaian men can be painfully unromantic in instances that you just wonder how they are able to live with themselves knowing how bone dry they are. I mean how hard can it be?.
These are four instances that a typical Ghanaian man can be affectionately unromantic, I am not saying all of them are unromantic but you have every right to correct me if I am wrong.


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1 thought on “4 Instances The Ghanaian Man Can Be Painfully Unromantic : When We Ask Them To Watch La Gata, They Tell Us We Are Feeding On Fiction”

  1. Scratching my head as to why an article addressing an issue between African men and women has a white couple as the main image. As Africans several generations removed from the continent and forced to live in America, we look up to you. Having never been enslaved and never having your connection to Mother Africa interrupted, we admire you and long to live in a country, as you do, where positive black imagery can flourish. To see this front and center feels like the same white supremacy brainwashing we’ve been battered with here. Unexpected and jolting to find it in an African publication. Why? Or what am I missing?


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