Meet The Pet Cat With The Magic Touch Who Can 'Heal' Broken Hearts And Stress

samantha-milns_optWhat if we have animals who can make you forget about all the heartaches and the pain you suffered after being chopped down and awfully jilted by the one person you loved so much?.
Well the good news is we do have animals like that, at least we just discovered one cat pet who is gifted with what I call celestial prowess to melt anyone’s sorrows and pains away with a simple body contact.
45 year old Samantha Milns specialises in Reiki, an ancient Japanese art of healing where healing energy is passed through touch. Samantha now claims she gets astounding results when her 11 year old pet cat, Tom part takes in the art.
On how she realised the cat was that gifted , Samantha said:
“A friend of mine had ­a relationship break-up and came to me when feeling low. I treated her but we both very much felt there was something that didn’t come out. There was a lot of pent-up emotion she wasn’t ready to release. Afterwards, Tom jumped up on her lap and put his chest on her chest.
Immediately she burst into tears and that’s when I ­realised he could give healing. It was like he’d released the ­emotion. It was so powerful, like their energy connected. Straight away, my friend felt calm and relaxed.”
She added that she now asks clients if they would want the services of her cat thus Tom or they would want her to work on them.
“Sometimes he will sit at their feet if it’s more of a relaxation treatment but if the person is suffering with stress or is restless, he will be unsettled too. It is fascinating to see.”
According to the SUN UK, Samantha said she had found injuries through my treatments too.
“I treated a horse with very ­disjointed movement and found it had a tendon problem. And I diagnosed a heart ­murmur in a dog that was ­confirmed by the vet”.
“I treat five animals each week, usually dogs, cats and horses. She also pet-sits for app Pawshake” she added.
Now we all know where to go if we get our hearts broken.


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