FIve BALD FACED LIES The Christian Bible Tells Us And Why We Have To Stop Believing Them

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Most religions and religious people have a very loose relationship with the truth, both in its literal meaning of a statement being truthful and other truths, such as scientific facts of the universe as we know it.
Religion and science often come into conflict, as religious people intent on holding onto their worldviews attempt to rubbish the utility of science. It’s not even a conversation that should be worth having because religion as a means of acquiring truths about the universe has contributed little except millennia old books that unsurprisingly contain little knowledge useful for today’s world – whilst science has changed everything about life as we know it with its application in technology.
Through this wonderful means of acquiring knowledge, and through other academic disciplines such as history and archaeology, we know of the several inaccuracies in the Christian bible, issues stated as statements of fact but which are nothing more than the babbling of bronze age peasants in a society steeped in superstition and bereft of scepticism and scientific advancement.
Usually these are described as contradictions, inaccuracies, errors, or other diplomatic words – but we’re going to go ahead and call them for what they are  – BALD FACED LIES.
Honestly, anyone over five years old who believes any of the following just because its in the bible and they have been told the bible is true is a CHILD, and has to grow up and join the rest of us in the real world. Believing anything just because of what someone told you to is what breeds the Obinim’s and the T.B Joshua’s of this world.
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