Chinese Journalist Suspended For Wearing Sunglasses And Holding An Umbrella Whilst Interviewing Typhoon Victims

Stories of insensitive people who are supposed to help those struck by disaster rather engaging in an action that kind of spits on them are becoming a little too much for taste.
Within the past few months a reporter has gotten fired for letting flood stricken people carry her so as not to wet herself, and a government official in India also had to endure criticism after a similar act.
The latest to join the club is a Chinese journalist who had been sent to cover a flood hit area and was photographed approaching her job rather nonchalantly and insensitively.
The unnamed journalist was wearing sunglasses and had an umbrella over her shoulder to protect herself from the sun whilst interviewing citizens of the area hit by a typhoon – people who had been working incessantly to clean up after the storm.
Her wardrobe and behaviour was deemed as insensitive and her employers, Xiamen TV, placed her on suspension.
“One of our journalists didn’t obey our rules and failed to conduct an interview properly.” a statement from the channel read.
“That damages the image of [the] journalist and had a negative impact on the public.”
Online in China, the reporter has been roundly critiqued for being unprofessional in carrying out her duties.

This post was published on September 23, 2016 11:46 AM

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