Jordanian Writer Shot Dead For Sharing A Cartoon Deemed 'Offensive' To Islam – The 'Religion Of Peace' Strikes Again

Nahed Hattar
Nahed Hattar

Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar was shot dead on Sunday whilst arriving in court for his nebulous trial on contempt against Islam charges.
Hattar shared a cartoon on Facebook that was allegedly seen as insulting the great religion of the prophet Mohammed.
The cartoon Hattar shared was of a bearded man in heaven smoking in bed with women and asking God to bring him wine and clear his dishes – a clear satirical rip on the idea martyrs get 72 virgins in heaven and which, of course, pissed off hard line Muslim fundamentalists.
The 56 year old Hattar, a Christian and anti-Islam activist, was thus arrested and was set to stand trial on contempt of the religion, but was shot dead outside the court.
The gunman, identified as a 39-year-old Muslim preacher in a mosque in the capital Amman, has been arrested.
He fired three shots at Hattar, an eyewitness said.
“This killer drew his weapon from his briefcase, or the bag he was holding, and shot Nahed Hattar’s chest, causing Hattar to fall to the ground. He then shot at him again, a second, third..,” Mohammad Jughbeir, who was standing close to Hattar at the time of the attack said, according to Al Jazeera.
People harp into our eyes the propaganda line ‘religion of peace’, ‘religion of peace’ – but yet this so-called ‘religion of peace’ has no tolerance for peace, at all.
This intolerance is not en masse, mind you – but there is a significant enough chunk of its adherents who hold pernicious beliefs about blasphemy and apostasy that it is enough to tar the whole religion. Especially when these beliefs can be traced back, almost literally – to the source text of the religion – the Quran.
The number of people who have been killed simply for holding opinions that are deemed ‘offensive’ to Islam are just too numerous to recount – from bloggers like Avijit Roy to filmmakers like Theo Van Gogh – not to even mention the numerous others who live under constant threat of death such as Salman Rushdie and Aryan Hirsi Ali. Anyone who tells you Islam is a religion of peace should be spat at in the face.
Say what you would about Christianity – and I have a lot to say about the Jewish carpenter’s religion – one simply does not get killed for making fun of Jesus Christ or God.
There was a time when that was the case, but that time is long gone. Islam needs to learn to grow up or it cannot complain when criticism continues to be lobbed its way for such dangerous intolerance.


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