Ghana Civil Aviation Authority Bans Use Of 'Exploding' Galaxy Note 7 On Ghanaian Flights

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Ghana’s Civil Aviation Authority has announced a ban on the use of the combustible Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all aircraft operating in Ghana.
The company announced a recall of all their issued global Galaxy Note 7 after there were reports the handsets were spontaneously exploding when being charged.
To prevent any possible in flight incidents, the Civil Aviation Authority have announced the ban through the release of a statement.
The statement, released Monday, announced the ban takes effect from the day – 26th September 2016.
All passengers travelling from Ghana are prohibited from carrying the device, whilst those entering from other countries cannot turn it on or charge it whilst on the plane. Additionally, they are not to be stowed away in baggage that have been checked, even if not turned on.
“…The GCAA directs that all passengers and crew in possession of these devices should not turn on or charge them on board aircraft.” the statement read.
“Passengers and crew are also herby prohibited from stowing these devices in any checked baggage, even when turned off.
“The directive shall form part of the safety briefing to passengers on board all airlines operating in Ghana and operating into and out of Ghana until otherwise directed by the Authority.”

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