Woman Awaiting Execution In Saudi Arabia 'Vanishes' And Materialises In Ghana – Bishop Obinim's Latest 'Miracle'

The sort of powers ascribed to Bishop Obinim by his followers seem to be growing with time. It looks like there is nothing the preacher cannot be said to have done.
But then the bible says ‘…with God all things are possible” – so to the disgusted Christians – on what basis do you really claim Obinim cannot do all these actions? 
The latest testimony out of Obinim’s church singing his praises is from a lady who has a story that beats the imagination. According to the lady, identified as Joyce Adjeley, she was awaiting execution in Saudi Arabia at the hand of her cruel master when Bishop appeared in her dream and magically transported her to the Kotoka International Airport in Accra.
Joyce appeared at the Tema Branch of the International Godsway Church to recount her testimony.
She said she left Ghana for Saudi Arabia earlier this year to work as a house help, a job that her new boss coupled with a waitressing job for her. She said the impact of the two jobs left her always exhausted, with only one hour a day to rest.
Always tired from working so hard, she told her boss she wanted to quit the waitress job. Annoyed with her insolence, he locked her in a room and threatened to burn her alive.
She said whilst in the room not knowing what her fate would be, she called her mom and informed her about the issue. Her distraught mom came to Obinim for help, which he promised.
It was after that had happened that Obinim appeared in Joyce’s dream and led her to Ghana. She said in the dream, the Bishop asked her to pack her belongings, which she did, and then led her to the airport for a flight to Ghana.
She said she woke up in the flesh at the airport in Accra – so she came to the church to thank the man who saved her.


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