5 Male Ghanaian Celebrities Who Should Just Get Married Already : Guess Who Made The List!

john-dumeloWe brought you a list of a dozen female Ghanaian celebrities who need to get their a$$ married and we bring you the male version of that list today.
Whereas the ladies are rumoured to be involved with one sugar daddy or the other, the male celebrities make the news for swindling hard working females out of money with the promise of taking them to the altar.
We are absolutely tired of having them running around and using and dumping girls like they change their boxer shorts (that is if they change them at all).


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11 thoughts on “5 Male Ghanaian Celebrities Who Should Just Get Married Already : Guess Who Made The List!”

  1. HOH! Dumelo? Marry and u think it will last?
    Any woman who is not cautious of him at this stage is sincerely delusional after everything he has put several women painfully thru.
    Dumelo’s marriage will be shorter than funny face. Am not cursing him, it’s just he brought all this bad luck on himself and he will get what he deserves.
    Dumelo will remain single just like his friend Fred Nuamah. God is not asleep.

  2. there’s nothing wrong with being generous with ur partner but set limits especially the ladies. Sandra exposed Omar to too much of her money and I think that may have been a biggest mistake.

  3. What is wrong with this current crop of young men, swindling ladies all over the place. What blessing to you expect to get from it especially that dumelo and he wonders why all his businesses and career are dead so he has to run under the NDC umbrella for V8! My friend it’s all curses and doom especially when the women are genuine and kind to you more than u have been to them.

  4. Dumelo’s marriage will not last a year because he has formed certain appalling habits already which he cannot change like lying, cheatig, swindling and opportunistic behavior. He thinks he will change if himself if he marries? What a pathetic f00l.
    After 2 months of marriage he will be back to his old self and only a woman without standards and respect for herself will tolerate that. That’s why am proud of the woman who took him to the police recently and made headlines by forcing him to pay back a huge part of the money. she showed strength, principles, took charge and drew a fine line. I think John is still In shock over that case because he thought 4 years of wasting someone’s daughter’s life is a joke? Ladies be tough!

  5. dumelo…..tweaaaa………until he goes back to apologize and amend his ways, he will suffer shattered heart after shattered heart just like he did to all those several women as the worked hard and supported his fat nose, pot belly and huge man boobs. You won’t get off the hook easy. You will cry blood first. Sia…..Govt V8 thief, KNUST failure, hotel fraudster, weave deceiver, video game lier, fashion designer trickster, female gigolo and swindler.
    Dumelo every sin that is hidden will surely come to light. Mark it! You can’t run to God after these atrocious acts. He will forgive you but you will still face all the consequences.

  6. The less said about dumelo the better, you will ran into another rich and beautiful she-devil (just the way u like them, rich) and she will drain u, exhaust you, disgrace you and finish you on behalf of the dozens of women you have manipulated. And may it be public and open for all to see. We are not cursing you or, we are telling you the multiple curses you have brought upon yourself by treating women like human waste products.

  7. John will end up like Fred. He has done nothing good to the women God has already brought his way to earn a wife. He will grow old alone married to that stolen V8. People like John will have their marriages and engagements broken the day before as karma.
    why shd police chase u before paying a woman you took huge sums of money from? Why shd Anas chase you to pay a mother and her baby you stole from. You see how disgrace and scandals are following this year, wait till ur party lose. It will humble you like a begger on the streets

  8. Lol GC is just mocking dumelo. There he and marriage are east and west. If you can waste a woman’s life for 4 years while she supports and tolerates ur $tup!dity then what else do u want God to do for you. You thought u were being smart. Who is the disgraced and humiliated f00l now with evidence of his backdated cheque as proof. buulu waaa ji bo dumelo.
    4 years paa…..and in between u were playing with small small girls on top! your moda wai!

  9. Tweaaa…Dumelo? anyway there is such a thing as a terrible wife, the kind tht sleeps with all his circle of friends and turns his house upside and there’s no peace. That is what dumelo truly deserves.Few ppl even his own friends know the actual evil, arrogant and conceited side of this boy becos he covers his fake side very well when it comes to women, money and material things.
    He nearly cause one girl to contemplate suicide after dating, lying and promising to get married to her for 2 years when she had given him her all. It was only God who saved that girl.
    Dumelo u don’t deserve a good wife, you deserve a beast and a devil in your matrimonial bed for every single individual woman you you deceived, lied to, lead on, promised marriage with no intention and swindled but most especially painting yourself false and fake to the world. The mess that you are will surely come out for all to see. Yours is coming in capital letters. You see how all ur businesses are collapsing around you but u pretend to keep up appearances? Your entire @$$ will be exposed like the baboon that you are. God dey.


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