Bishop Daniel Obinim Allegedly Conjured 'Angel With Wings' To Appear On His Palm In Church

One day the future species that springs up to replace us dumb Homo Sapiens would carry out case studies on what led to our eventual extinction – and Ghanaian brains would be the gold standard, as that is where most of the stupidity would be found.
Bishop Daniel Obinim is the epicentre of this epidemic of gullibility – and it radiates away from him to include an entire population so addicted to religion that they’ll believe every cock and bull story cooked up to them in the name of God.
Obinim the man who can do anything except save himself has struck again, and this time even he has gone too far. His publicist claims, and this is a serious claim, that Bishop Daniel Obinim conjured an ‘angel with wings’ to appear on his palm during his church service.
Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya wrote on Facebook…

Check out those comments, some people actually believe that crap.
We’re headed towards a precipice and the worst part is we do not even know it yet.
Every week, Obinim and his minions make unsubstantiated claims of his prowess, and every week his followers continue to buy the bullsh*t being sold to them. He helped a lady ‘vanish’ from Saudi Arabia to Ghana, he raised three people from the dead, he magically replaced someone’s faulty kidneys.
In any society with a modicum of reason this man and his followers would be ordered psychiatric evaluations, but obviously that society is not Ghana.


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