Woman Wears A Pair Of Underwear For 3 Weeks And Sells Them For $5,000

1-4_optWhen I was watching Orange Is The New Black and stuffs like this were happening, I thought  it was one of the many fictional ideas people come up with— reality just got real for.
Now if you are looking for ways to get any extra cash so you do not have to tear into your main source of income even before it hits your account , you can now keep your underwear on for a couple of weeks and sell it to some bunch of weirdos .
A 21 year old student with an alias Lady Kitten says she has been working with one website that discreetly buys the underwear of women after they have worn it for weeks.
She claimed she chanced upon the site when she was looking for other means to make extra money and when she realised other girls are doing it and it was that easy, she decided to take up the job as well.
“I try to list three or four pairs each week, although I can get a bit lazy,” she explains. In her six-month stint, she had raked in about $4,000″.
“Over time, Lady Kitten had built up a rapport with a single seller who bought her items frequently. They chatted via email about hobbies, interests, and all the things that might make up typical online dating banter, except that they were both in it for the panties, and nothing more.
One day, this same seller approached her with a “special request.” The buyer told her to wear the same pair of underwear for three weeks without changing or washing it, and she’d be paid $5,000.
She admits the idea grossed her out at first, but according to Lady Kitten, “the money was too good an opportunity to pass up.”
She said she “felt really disgusting” throughout that three-week period, again, the price tag kept her going. “Luckily I live by myself and tried to stay indoors for most of the three weeks, so no one could notice,” she said.
As for what she’ll do with the new income, the answer was simple: “It’s going straight toward school fees!”
She said she could have cheated by not wearing the panties that long but the customers are that smart that any foul play would be detected by them .
“I see nothing wrong with it, but I know my family would, and would probably look down on me. I’d also be penalized because of it when looking for a job. I think because it’s different than the norm people don’t like it. People never like things that are different.”


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