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‘Sin Is Sin’: Pope Francis Offers Cautious Support For Transgender Believers But Warns Against ‘Indoctrination’ In Schools

Pope FrancisThe current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has expressed his distaste on how some schools are insistent on including gender theory in their curriculum . According to the Pope, it is one thing having the tendency to be a transgender or the transition and it is an entirely different thing being brainwashed or influence to believe that you can be one.
Francis says transgender is a flaw in morality and the only way to deal with it is by bringing the all knowing God into the subject, adding that it is a human problem and must be solved the best way.
He also added that, he had never discriminated against people like that, rather he accepts them.
“I’ve never abandoned them,” he said. “When someone who has this condition comes before Jesus, Jesus would surely never say ‘go away because you’re gay.’”
“Pope Francis says Jesus would never turn away transgender faithful and that priests today should accompany them spiritually, even if they undergo sex change operations, sin and repent.
These people must be accompanied as Jesus accompanied them,” he said.
“Francis recounted the story of a Spanish transgender man who wrote him a letter recounting his transition from a woman to a man who later married a woman.
And I received them. And they were happy,” Francis said of the audience.
Jesus would surely never say ‘go away because you’re gay’
Francis praised the bishop who accompanied the man throughout his transition. But he criticised the man’s parish priest, who he said would yell “You’ll go to hell” when he saw him on the sidewalk.
Francis recounted that the man found a retired parish priest who had a different attitude.
How long has it been since you’ve gone to confession? Come on. Let’s confess so you can receive Communion. Understood? Life is life, Sin is sin.”


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