Ghanaians Have To Accept Castro Is Dead And Hold An Event To Celebrate His Memory – Hammer

Legendary music producer Hammer says Ghanaians have to let go of their denial and accept that Castro is dead, hold a massive celebration in his honour, and call it a day.
Hammer believes the current situation where nobody quite knows whether to declare him alive or dead means his memory is being held in limbo and he’s not being given the send off he deserves.
The hiplife great got missing during a boat trip in Ada two years ago alongside a female friend, and the duo have never been found since. Whilst the most likely incident is that he’s dead, some people still believe he’s alive and hiding, whilst others think there was something spiritual about his demise.
Either way, he cannot legally be declared dead until after seven years, but Hammer says the family can waive that requirement.
“Its been years and nobody seems to remember him. He’s not in our lives, he’s not in our daily communication but he’s forgotten. This guy played a major role in our industry but the technicalities that bind us is causing this.” he said on Hitz Fm.
“I know the family has the power to veto and go ahead to say they accept his demise and they want to give him a befitting memorial. It hurts me.
“We have to immortalise him by doing something about his name. We need an event to bid him farewell. We haven’t said goodbye to him and he is just hanging around. He’s name is just disrespected and forgotten as if he did not do anything in the industry.
“We have to accept his demise but I’m not forcing anyone. Common sense says that he lost his life in an accident on the water and he is not hiding anywhere.
“The law says he cannot be pronounced dead after seven years but the family can veto that” he added.


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