VIDEO: Listen To The Ghanaian Herbal Researcher Who Claims To Have Found The Cure To HIV/AIDS


Ghanaian researcher Dr Ato Duncan says he’s the saviour mankind has been waiting for, the one man who cures the troubling ailment known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
The syndrome, developed from the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) – refers to the final stages of the virus’ development when the human’s immune system is virtually destroyed and the patient dies from a variety of otherwise harmless infections.
AIDS infections have been drastically reduced with anti retrovirals which boost the immune system and keeps the virus at bay, but an out and out cure is still something of a pipe dream. Up steps Dr Duncan.
According to him, he has a cure for the disease, one that has undergone successful human trials in South Africa.
He calls the drug Center Of Awareness (COA)-72, which he says flushes the virus out of the bloodstream.
“It has the potency to smoke the viruses from latently infected source in the blood stream. The COA-72 intramuscular which smokes the virus from their hideout into the blood stream and the COA-72 intravenous which clears the virus from the blood stream providing a final cure to HIV-AIDS,” he said on Joy News Wednesday.
“A lot of people are excited by the discovery because it is what the world is looking for,”
He said he started his trials in Ghana but he and his team had to move to South Africa when they started receiving attacks upon announcement of the drug they had developed. They moved to Kwazulu Natal University where he claims successful human trials have been carried out.
The drug is not yet on the market as it has not undergone World Health Organisation (WHO) tests for subsequent approval, but he said the efficacy of the drug is not in doubt at all, as numerous people in South Africa can testify.
Watch the interview below…

This post was published on October 6, 2016 5:43 PM

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