Archbishop Desmond Tutu Supports The Call For Assisted Death

Archbishop Desmond TutuLife is only beautiful and worth waking up to if and only if one is robust, gay and full of glee— otherwise there is nothing really pleasant and exciting about this life, irrespective of how long we may may want to live, one thing we know for a fact is death awaits us and someway , somehow, at a point in time we would say goodbye.
With thus being the case, I feel it is only right if one decides to plead for aid when the time comes for them to die especially in extreme cases where their life hangs on a merest thread on this life.
Euthanasia or mercy killing is the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering and Archbishop Desmond Tutu says he shares in that thought.
According to the revered man who just celebrated his 85th birthday over the weekend when the time comes for him to die, he would love to be assisted or in a manner of his choice.
He says dying people should be able to choose how and when they would like to die.
Founder of Dignity South Africa Sean Davison says he is hoping Tutu’s stature in society will lead to a change in legislation.
“You can see the reaction around the world, people have great admiration and respect for Desmond Tutu. Previously he spoke about other people ‘s lives and now he’s focusing on his own life.”


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