I Am Not Part Of Praye's Decision To Endorse Nana Akuffo-Addo – Choirmaster

The erstwhile Praye Honeho, Choirmaster, has come out to clear the air following Praye’s recent endorsement of the NPP flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo.
Choirmaster told Showbiz that he feels the need to distance himself from the recent endorsement given by his former band mates, although no one with two brain cells would ever make that mistake.
According to him, their endorsement was theirs alone, and he has endorsed no one this election cycle.
“I just want to set the records straight that Choirmaster hasn’t endorsed any political party or candidate. Besides, I’m no more a member of Praye so the decision they take as a group can’t affect my choice.” he told Showbiz.
He added that they might even have been paid for the endorsement whilst he received nothing, so he should not be lumped into their endorsement.
“I also need to make my position clear on this because the two may have been paid for the endorsement but as I sit here, I haven’t benefited so what’s the point in including me in their endorsement?
“Besides, I believe I can use my platform to promote peace and unity when I stay neutral rather than declare my support for a political party.” he added.
The Praye singing group, now comprising the former Praye Tintin and Praye Tiatia, recently endorsed the NPP flagbearer Nana Addo. Choirmaster, who has split from the group, not long after described the decision as being financially motivated.


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