The Two Strongest Political Parties, NDC And NPP Just Lost Guru's Vote!


Apparently all in the creative art industry are not entirely happy about the manifestos of the various political parties . Earlier, comedian turn musician David Oscar expressed his dissatisfaction and the newest voice to the little lot is Guru.
Guru whose real name is Nana Yaw Adjei Yeboah Maradona said he knows government cannot obviously take us to the promise land just within four years but it would have been much better if something could be done for those in the art and entertainment industry because the system is just not favouring them.
Lamenting on Hitz FM to Mzgee, the “mmaakuo” hit maker said:
“They can’t tackle everything about Ghana within a particular time given to them. There should be a structure like grooming and helping up and coming artiste or helping already made artiste trying to find their way into the world market.
So far, they’ve not fused anything about the whole grooming thing into their policies. I won’t speak for only myself but will leave it for them because they know what they want and what they think will help Ghana.
If they think entertainment won’t contribute anything to the growth of the country then its up to them.
Its an advice to us the musicians, if we are to endorse any of the political parties it should not be for our pockets but for the people.
If these politicians are not putting anything in place that will help the artisteenhance the talent we have in Ghana then I think we should critically look at it.
Coming out with a manifesto without measures to help the up and coming artiste then I think we have a big problem. I hope they have something they don’t want to disclose to the people”
On who he was going to vote for come December 7, he said he would rather not say as that would be used against him—that is one smart move.


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